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Dear David:

Although this letter is long overdue, it is nonetheless extremely sincere.  I want to thank you and the ENTIRE BrackenChase team for making building my house such an incredibly awesome experience.

In our initial meeting, I was simply trying to determine who I would use as a builder.  Immediately, I was impressed by your expertise and professionalism and the process that you laid out for how we could/would proceed.  It only got better from there.

As you know, in my case, I did not even have a set of plans.  I had a concept and ideas on what I wanted and a very definite budget.  After spending a short hour and a half to two hours with Rene, BrackenChase got to work on designing my vision.  A few weeks later, I was presented with the draft plans.  Much to my delight, the plans were spot-on and within my budget.  With only a few minor adjustments, we were ready to build.  This experience was far different than what I anticipated might take multiple iterations to reach both an acceptable design and budget.  Clearly, you and your team know how to extract the necessary information and transform it into a buildable project.

Once construction began, your team continued to impress.  From the subs that were courteous and accommodating whenever I was on site to Mike making recommendations and “in the field” adjustments that served to make the house more functional, I could not have been more pleased.  In addition, Pam helped me navigate and coordinate securing the “extras” that I decided to include while the house was under construction, specifically the irrigation and the fencing.  Her assistance saved me much time and energy in trying to find the right price and the right vendor.

Almost two years later and I still cannot say enough about how great the experience was and how great the house is for us!  Thanks for making our dream come true.


Leigh Davis