No other builder makes it this easy to get into a brand new home.

Need down payment assistance? BrackenChase can help.* Need someone to move everything into your new home? BrackenChase can help.

On top of unbeatable new home prices, we've been providing above-and-beyond services like these because we want to make it easy to move into a brand new home.


BrackenChase: beyond affordable.

We know buyers like you have options. Short sales and foreclosures are everywhere you look. But think about this: what you save in the purchase could end up costing you.

Short sales and foreclosure deals take an incredible amount of time and effort to close. On the other hand, BrackenChase can have you into a brand new home in about 30 days.

Do you really know what you're getting into with a short sale or foreclosure? Well, you do with a brand new BrackenChase home. Each one is fully warranted, and has that great new house smell.

So, before you pay another dime in rent or think about purchasing a home from anyone else, talk to us: your hometown builder.



David Hanselman, President
BrackenChase Home Builders

*If you qualify for down payment assistance.

Now only 14 homes in Leon and Wakulla counties ready to close before the $8,000 tax credit incentive ends 11/30/09.